Navigating Elements


Elements are the tools used to input all the content into your app. Elements can only be placed inside of the columns within rows. You can put any amount of elements inside of a row.

  • To add an element to a row, navigate to the “Add Element” tab in the left menu by clicking the “+” icon on the left menu. From this menu, drag any element from the left menu into a current row. The elements are every listed icon & text found below the header, “Add Element”.

Your selected element will now appear in the app screen preview.

Each type of element has many options and settings.

  • To access the options for actions and settings of any element, hover your mouse over the area of the element on the preview screen.

Once hovering in the correct area, you will see the name of the element appear in the corner of the element’s outlined area.

  • Note - each element will have some different settings, so listed below are the options that are the same for all elements.

Move Element

  • To move an element, click and drag the name of the element when hovering over it. This will pick up the element. Keep holding down your mouse and drag the element to the location on the preview screen you’d like for it to go.
  • Note – an element can only be moved into an existing row.

Zoom Out

  • You have the ability to simply zoom out of the element and highlight the row that the element is in.
  • To zoom out of an element, click the magnifying glass button that appears when hovering on an element. Once clicked, the outer row that the element is in will be highlighted, and you will be in the settings for that row.

Duplicate Element

  • To duplicate a full element, click the duplicate button that appears when hovering on a element. The duplicate button looks like two little pieces of paper overlapping each other. Once you click duplicate, a clone of the whole element will appear right beneath it in the preview screen.
  • It is important to note that each element is individual from other elements. Any created or duplicated element will have its own settings and properties that can be changed individually from the others.

Delete Element

  • To delete an element, click the trash button that appears when hovering on an element.

Element Settings

To access the settings for any element, click the name of the element that appears when hovering on the element. Once clicked, several configurable options for that element will appear.

Within the settings for each type of element, left and right menus will appear with several configurable options.

The following is a list of each type of element, and links to learn more about each element individually:

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