Can I Build Apps for my Clients? Kind of like an Agency?


And as a 22apps PRO member, not only will you receive the software itself...

You'll also get...

  • 40% commission on every direct sale
  • 10% commission on any indirect sale
  • All the swipe copy, scripts, and tools to sell YOUR clients on getting an app built
  • CHARGE AS MUCH AS YOU WANT! (Just like a website, what you charge your client is up to you. All we know is that every entrepreneur will have an app over the next 3 years. Don't let your clients build it themselves.
  • NOTE: Each of your clients will still need a 22apps LITE/PRO account. (Similar to how with an email autoresponder like activecampaign or infusionsoft each client needs their own account, the same thing goes for 22apps. That said, you still get 40% commission on your client's direct sale :)

We're excited to have you as a 22apps Partner!

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