Can I build multiple apps?

Both the free plan and the PRO plan let you build one app per license (Though obviously you can have unlimited free licenses as... Well... It's free.)

Generally though we don’t recommend building multiple apps for a single business (similar to a website, 1 app per business is usually good & less confusing)

If you want to build apps for clients, by having your clients upgrade to the PRO version, you will be able to manage them under 1 login using our "Invite Admins" feature (and then you can charge your clients anything you want to build the app / manage it / update it :)

In addition, as a pro user you’ll also get 40% commission on any clients that upgrade from free to pro, though they’re more than welcome to start on the Free Version.

If you do have multiple businesses and wish to purchase additional licenses, please contact support using the link at the top of this page and receive up to 40% off additional licenses!

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