Navigating Popups


The popup is used as a method to present content to the app user in the form of a customized pop up. 

Note - Each app screen has its own popup, and each popup can be edited as freely as an app screen.

In order for your app users to open the popup, you must set an element’s link to open the popup when tapped. Only certain elements can be set to open the popup when tapped. These elements include headers, text, images, buttons, and icons.

Building a popup:

  • To edit your screen's popup, click the icon (shaped like a square with an arrow) on the left menu to open the popup settings.

There are two main sections within the popup settings:


  • To edit and add content to your popup, drag and drop in sections, rows, and elements to design your popup as you see.

Note - in order for your app users to exit the popup, you must have one of the following:

  • A link set on an element within the popup screen to "close popup" will bring the user back to the screen they accessed the popup from.
  • A link to "go to a screen", "go back", or "open the submenu" will close the popup as the action is performed.

Popup Settings

Here is where you can configure specific popup specific settings.

To access popup settings, click the settings icon across from the name of your popup in the top of the left menu. From there, you'll see a few options:

  • The name of your popup. The name is simply used for your reference as the app builder, but it will not appear anywhere to app users.
  • To name your popup, click the pencil icon in the top of the left menu, and type your new name for the popup, and click save.
Background Color
  • To set a background color for your popup, click the color box to the left of where it says “Background Color” in the popup settings.
  • As you select and edit your color, you’ll see the preview of it within the screen preview.
  • Once satisfied, simply click anywhere else on the page to set the color.

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