Guide to All Screens

All Screens

This is where you will create and make new pages for your app. Each screen you will create here will be a different page users can see within your app. For example, Home, About, Contact etc. 

  • Displays each screen of your app.
  • To create a new screen for your app, click the Add Screen icon. Afterwards, an input area will pop up. Type the name of the screen you want to make, and click Add.
  • To access and edit a current screen, hover over the screen you’d like to access, and click the Edit Page button.
  • To duplicate one of your existing screens, hover over the screen you’d like to clone, and click the duplicate icon. The icon looks like two little pieces of paper overlapping each other, inside of a small circle. A copy of the screen will appear after clicking.
    • Note - The duplicated screen will by default be named the same as the original screen, with (Copy) at the end of the name.
  • To rename a screen, click the pencil icon when hovering over a screen, edit the name, and then click the save icon to set the new name for your screen.
  • To delete an existing screen, hover over the screen you’d like to delete. Click the trash icon. After clicking, the screen will be sent to the trash.

  • On the right-hand side of the page, click where it says Trash to access any previously deleted screens.
  • To recover a deleted screen, navigate to the Trash page, and identify the screen you’d like to get back. Once identified, simply hover over the screen you’d like to retrieve, and click recover.
  • Navigate back to the All Screens page by clicking the right side again, and your recovered screen will be there alongside your current screens.

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