Updating Background Color and Swipe Left / Right

Configurable Options

The Configurable Options tab is where you can edit the primary settings for the full screen.

  • To access the Configurable Options tab, click the paintbrush icon on the left menu.

Configurable Options includes:

Background color

  • The background color for the full screen.
  • Click the color circle to set the screen’s background color.


  • Interactions are configurable options for when app users swipe left or right on the screen.
  • Beneath Swipe Left or Swipe Right, click the drop-down menu to view your options for screen interactions.

You’ll see a list of the following:

Not set

  • no interaction will occur when swiping that direction on this screen.

Open the submenu

  • Swiping will cause the submenu to appear.

Go to the previous screen

  • Swiping will cause your app to go back to the previous screen the app user was on.

Go to the next screen

  • If you just swiped to go to a previous screen, setting this interaction will allow the user to swipe to go forward a screen. However, if the current screen is the newest screen, swiping with this interaction will do nothing.

Go to screen: *Name of any screen you’ve created*

  • Swiping will bring you to the selected screen.

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