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Affiliate Area

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In the Affiliate Area, you can find all information regarding how to refer new users, promotional material, your complete list of previous and current referrals, as well as your earnings. 

This is a fantastic resource if you want to earn some extra money by simply grabbing your affiliate link and sharing on social media and email, as you'll get paid to share 22apps!

Note - 22apps PRO users get 40% commission for each sale, whereas 22apps Lite users will receive 20% commission for each sale.

  • Here are the direct links you can share with others that have your referral code added. These links will send people to a landing page leading through to a purchase of 22apps. Simply copy and paste into email, social media, websites - anywhere you'd like to promote 22apps.
  • Provided here are numerous options of promotional materials based on what platform you will be sending it on. For example: email, social media, blog reviews, articles - and several more!
  • You can copy and paste these directly into whatever medium you'd like, and they will have your referral code added by default.

  • Here, all of your referrals are listed so you can keep track. The page is divided into three parts; Indirect Referrals, Direct Referrals, and Referral Payouts. 
  • Here is where you can see all the statistics of your referrals. This includes Unpaid Referrals (Pending Sales), Paid Referrals (Approved Sales), Link Visits/Clicks, Pending/Unpaid Earnings and Paid Earnings. 
  •  Under settings, you can change your payment email and enable new referral notifications. 
  • The Payment Email is where you'll be sent your payments via PayPal. View the payment term details in the affiliate agreement linked here:
  • New referral notifications means that every time you make a sale, you will be notified via email.
  • When you are finished changing your settings, click Save Profile Settings. 

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