Navigating My Account

My Account

To access your account settings, click the green button UPDATE BILLING in the upper right corner of your profile page to go to the “My Account” page.

The My Account includes:

  • You automatically load into your account dashboard after clicking UPDATE BILLING on your profile page. The dashboard gives you an overview of the account details you can manage. Navigate to other pages by clicking the corresponding page link in the menu on the left side of the page. To get back to the dashboard from another page, click Dashboard in the menu on the left of the page.
  • The Orders page displays all your 22apps orders. In the table on the right, view your orders by their order number, date, current status, and the total cost. To see more info for any specific order, click the View button.
  • This page features all the details of your subscription. Click "View" to see any subscription details, or to edit the subscription.
  • This page displays the billing address and the shipping address that will be used on the checkout page by default. To add an address if you haven’t set one up yet, click the Add button to the right of the address type you’d like to input. To edit a current address, click the Edit button. Input all your correct information on the page that loads, and Save when complete.
Payment methods
  • This page displays your current payment methods. To add a new payment method, simply click the button labeled Add payment method. Input your payment information, and click Add payment method once complete.
Account details
  • This page displays all your basic account details. Here you can edit your first and last name, your display name (which is how your name will be displayed in the account section and in reviews - such as reviews on blog articles on the 22apps website), your email address, and change your password. If you made any changes, be sure to click Save changes at the bottom to confirm.
  • Click the Logout button on the menu to log out of your account.

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