Publishing Step 1: Creating Your Developer Accounts

Important Note

While going through these Publishing articles and following the steps to upload your app, please note that the order of operations matters. So DO NOT skip ahead. Only advance to the next step once you've completed all the previous requirements in these articles.

Before uploading your app for the first time, ensure you have set up these three accounts:

1. Expo

If you haven’t created an Expo account, click here to learn how to create an account to Test your app using Expo.

2. Google Play Developer Account

Step 1.1 - Creating Your Google Play Developer Account (Publishing with 22apps)

In order to be able to submit your app to the Google Play store, you must set up your Google Play Developer Account.

Note - Google charges a $25 one-time developer fee for creating this account.

To create your Google Play Developer Account, you can follow our step-by-step tutorial here:

  1. Click the link below
  2. This step will vary depending on the status of your Google account. Please skip to step 3 if you already have a basic Google account to log into.
    1. To create a Google account – After clicking the link above, click where it says “Create account”. Follow the steps and fill in the information. Once your account has been created, click the same link above once more to go to the app developer page.
  3. Fill out the information for your new developer account. Please ensure that the Google account you are currently signed into is the correct one that you want to associate with publishing your app. For your Developer Name, it is recommended to use your business name, or your full name.
  4. Click “Create account and pay”. On the next page, enter your payment information and buy.
  5. After submitting payment and completing all your account details, you will receive an email from Google notifying you when your account is ready to be activated. Note – this can take up to a week.
  6. Follow the instructions in the email from Google to activate your developer account.

3. Apple Developer Account

Step 1.2 - Creating Your Apple ID (Only do this if you’ve never created a FREE Apple ID Before)

Step 1.3 - Creating Your Apple Developer Account (Publishing with 22apps)

In order to be able to submit your app to Apple’s App Store, you must set up your Apple Developer Account.

Note - Apple charges a $99 yearly developer fee.

To create your Apple Developer account, follow this link to enroll:

After enrolling, Apple will likely take a couple days to process your account. When that’s done, Apple will send you an email with a link you can click to finish the setup for your account.

Note – if you don’t have any Apple devices, you may need to email or call Apple developer support to verify your identity and your account. Here’s the link to contact Apple developer support:

**IMPORTANT** - Do NOT add / create anything for your app within App Store Connect. 22apps will generate most of it for you, and you will do the final setup in Step 3 of Publishing. (In other words, follow the exact directions as listed in these articles, or your app may not be able to be published.) 

Once all these steps are complete, you will now be able to begin setup to submit your app to Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

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