Navigating the Section Manager

Section Manager

The Section Manager is used as an area to manage and organize all of your created sections.

  • To access the Section Manager tab, click the three horizontal lines icon on the left menu.

In this area, a list of all of your added sections will be displayed on the left menu. From here, you have a few things you can do:

Edit a section

  • Click on the name, or the blank space of a section within the Section Manager in the left menu. All of the section's configurable options will appear.

Change the order of sections

  • If you click and hold on a section in the left menu, you can drag it. To change the order of your sections, simply click and drag a section to your preferred spot, above or beneath the other section(s). It will update accordingly in the screen preview as well.

Rename a section

  • To rename a section, click on the pencil icon of the section you'd like to change the name of. Type in the name you'd like to give the section, and click save once your changes are complete.

Make a section visible or invisible

  • If you want to make a section disappear from your app’s screen without fully deleting it, you can do that within the Section Manager.
  • Locate the name of the section you wish to edit the visibility of in the Section Manager. Click on the eye icon to edit the visibility of this section. This icon works like a light switch; you can either turn the visibility of a section “on” or “off”.

Duplicate a section

  • Locate the name of the section you wish to duplicate in the Section Manager. To duplicate a full section, click the duplicate icon, which looks like two little pieces of paper overlapping each other. Once you click duplicate, a clone of the whole section will appear right beneath it.
  • Note – this will exactly duplicate every row and element within the entire section.

Delete a section

  • To delete a section, click the trash icon of the section you’d like to delete.

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