Re-Submitting Your App

When to Re-Submit

Re-submitting your app files is only necessary for two possible reasons:

1. If Apple or Google denies your app submission and requires a new app file.

  • If your app was not approved by either Apple or Google and you are unsure of what to do, to learn more about what to do if your app submission gets denied, Click Here: App Review Denied - Troubleshooting

2. If there is a major software update to IOS or Android device software.

  • Note - You do NOT need to resubmit your app files to update your app every time. To learn how to update your app easily using instant updates, Click Here: Instant Updates

How to Re-Submit Your App

Re-Submitting your app files follows a very similar process to the initial upload process.

  • First, ensure you've made any changes to your app if necessary. Be sure to save and test your app to confirm it is working as intended.
  • Then, click the publish button in the top UI of any app screen in your app.

From here, a window titled "Publish Your App" will pop up.

In order to re-submit to Apple and Google, you'll need to generate new app files. tick the boxes under "Submit to Apple Store Connect" and "Submit to Google Play Console". Several input areas will appear.

Input and ensure that your Expo and Apple account details are correct, and that you have uploaded the correct files and server key under the Android settings.


  • File 1 (Google Services Key) should be named: “pc-api-“ with a long string of numbers and text following.
  • File 2 (Google Services JSON) should be named: “google-services.json” .
  • File 3 (Firebase Server Key) should be a VERY long string of text that looks similar to this: 245vv45qwrtw4etvw4tj89bwwerut89ewthwerthwtuerhth3245vv45qwrtw4etvw4tj89bwwerut89ewthwerthw

IMPORTANT NOTE >> For the two Google files and server key, you must use the same files as your first Google upload. If you followed the steps correctly from the first upload, you will have these saved in a secure location. DO NOT try and create new Google files, otherwise your app may not be able to be updated properly.

  • These Files should already be uploaded and saved in 22apps, but if they aren't, simple re-upload them from your computer now.

Also, have your Apple device ready to access, as a 2 Factor Authentication code will send to your Apple device shortly after you click to publish.

(Note - If you’re working with a client or doing this process for someone else, please message them and ensure that they’re ready to send the 2FA code BEFORE you click Publish, otherwise you will be holding up the queue.)

Once everything is good to go, click Publish.

Once you’ve clicked publish, three builds will appear:

  • 1)      Expo
  • 2)      iOS
  • 3)      Android

First, your Expo build will generate. This will typically take a couple minutes.

Be ready to receive a 2 Factor Authentication code to your Apple devices linked with your Apple Developer Account. After a short wait, the code will be sent.

Once the code is sent to your Apple device, the following window will pop up:

Enter the code you received on your Apple device into the input area below “Apple 2FA Code”.

Click Submit Token.

  • Note – be aware of the timer in the bottom right of the window, and ensure that you submit the code as fast as possible so as to not get timed out.

After submitting your 2 Factor Authentication Code, you’ll see the same window pop back up.

Now, you will notice that the iOS and Android builds are underway. This means that:

1) Your 22apps build is being coded for the Apple iOS upload

2) Your 22apps build is being coded for the Google Android upload

Note – this may take some time to complete. Generally, you should expect it to take around an hour the first time. However, the build time is affected by the  Expo Queue which you can view here:

While you can’t see where you are exactly in the queue, it still gives you an idea of how long it might take.

  • Note - You may close the 22apps page if you wish, as it will still render both apps in the background.

Downloading Your App Files

Once your app builds are ready, you will see two links appear in the Publish Your App window.

>> IMPORTANT NOTE - Google has changed the required file for uploading to Android from a  .APK file to a .AAB file. Keep in mind that the AAB file is what will be generated for your Android build, and is the file you will use in the next step to upload your app.

The iOS link for the IPA and the Android link for the AAB are both your Apple and Android app files.

Click each link, and download both files.

  • Note – For ease of access, DO NOT click “Clear” until you have downloaded AND fully published your app. You may close the window by clicking X. just don’t click “Clear”.
  • If you accidentally cleared the files, then log in to your Expo account on your computer, and you’ll be able to download them:
  • Navigate to your recent builds, and click the Android and iOS builds separately. From there, you can click “Download” to download the app files.

Re-Uploading Your App Files

Once all these steps are complete, you will now be able to re-upload your app to Apple’s App Store and/or the Google Play Store. This follows a similar process to your first upload.

  • Note - when resubmitting to Apple or Google, you DO NOT need to create anything new in your App Store Connect or Google Play Console account. Simply upload the new app file(s) within your original app listing, which will have all your app's information saved from your first publishing attempt.

Re-Submitting to Google

Navigate to your app in the Google Play Console:

Click on the Production tab. Then, click "Create New Release" in the upper right.

Now, drag your newly generated .AAB app file into the window, or click "Upload" and select your file.

Once the file is loaded, scroll down and input a release name and release notes.

Then, click Save, and then Review Release in the bottom right.

A window will appear where you can confirm to submit your app for review. To check and ensure your app is submitted, navigate to the Google Play Console's "Dashboard" tab. Near the top, you'll see the status of your app. If the submission was successful, the Update Status will say "In review".

If you cannot complete the release and the "Start Rollout To Production" button can’t be clicked, this means that your app submission isn’t complete yet.

  • To see what else you must complete before publishing, click “Dashboard” in the left menu. From there, you should see a notice of what else must be completed before you can publish.

Re-Submitting to Apple

Now that you have your IPA file downloaded, you will need to submit it to TestFlight.

  • TestFlight is an online service by Apple that you must submit your app file to before publishing.

In order to submit your IPA file to TestFlight, you must download an app to your Mac computer. This app is called Transporter. Here is a link to download the app:

Alternatively, you can search "Transporter" in your Mac's App Store.

Note 1 - Xcode: You may get an indication that you need to download "Xcode" from the Mac App Store. Simply download the app to your Mac, then continue:

Note 2 – in order to use Transporter, you must use a Mac computer.

  • If you don’t have a Mac, consider asking a friend with a Mac to support uploading your app by signing into your Apple Account in Transporter on their Mac and submitting your IPA file.
  • Alternatively, there is a service called MacinCloud where currently you can purchase a virtual Mac for $25/month – and you can cancel after the first month:
    • While it has a $1/hr. package, we usually recommend going with the $25/mo. option as the $1/hr. package will require you to buy 30 hours up front.
  • MacinCloud allows you to run a Mac software on any computer. It will allow you to sign in to your Apple account, download the Transporter app, and submit your file to TestFlight.
    • Note – you may need to send yourself the IPA file via cloud link (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) or an alternative way. This way, you can access it from the Mac software, and download the IPA file.

Once you have downloaded the Transporter app, enter your Apple ID, and submit your new IPA file as labeled.

A progress bar will show the progress of your upload. After a short while, it will ask you to select the app you created in App Store Connect. Ensure you select the right one that is connected to your 22apps bundle ID.

FOR WINDOWS USERS WHO ARE USING MAC-IN-CLOUD: You will need to download the ".IPA" file onto your virtual mac. The easiest way to do this is using:

Once complete, your build will begin processing to be listed in App Store Connect.

  • Note - if your build hasn't appeared in App Store Connect yet, it's likely still processing. To check the status of your build, click "Testflight" in the App Store Connect. There, it will show your app version and it's status.

Submitting Your App

From here, follow this link to go to App Store Connect, and sign in:

Once logged in, select your app within "My Apps".

In your app's dashboard, click the + button to create a new app version. Set the version number, and click create.

This will create a new version of your app for you to edit and submit.

scroll down to where it says BUILD and click to select your build. Ensure that you choose your newest app build that you submitted through Transporter.

Export Compliance Information

  • When you select your app build, you may be required to answer questions about the Export Compliance Information.
  • Select "Yes" to both questions as pictured below:

Once your build is selected, click save and then click "Submit for Review".

After Submitting

Now that you've submitted your new app files, all you have to do is await the reviews from Apple and Android. Both typically take a couple business days, and will likely email you when the process is complete.

Note – if you don’t hear back for a while, we recommend checking the status of your app in the App Store Connect and/or Google Play Console.

If the reviews are approved, congratulations! Your updated app will now be live to both app stores.

If your app was not approved by either Apple or Google, follow this link to learn more about what to do if your app submission gets rejected: 

App Review Denied - Troubleshooting

Once you've made the necessary changes Apple or Google requested you make, follow this same article to learn how to resubmit your app:

Re-Submitting Your App

Instant Updates

Now that you've re-uploaded your app, from now on whenever you click “Publish” in 22apps, your updates will be instantly pushed to the app store with no submission or reviewal process required.

To learn more about this, click here: Instant Updates

If you have any questions about this article, feel free to reach out to our support team! We're happy to help.

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