Setting Your App Name, Fonts and Colors

App Name

  • Under the "General Settings" tab, you can easily change your app’s name by clicking "EDIT" under "App Name".
    • After clicking, an input box will come up. Type in your app name, and click the DONE button when finished.
  • Note - If you've already uploaded your app, this will not change the name of your app in the app stores - you must go into your Apple and Google Developer accounts to do this.

Primary and Secondary Colors

  • Primary and secondary colors are used as default color schemes when adding in new content to your app.
  • To edit your app’s primary or secondary color, click the + icon beneath where it says “Primary Color” or “Secondary Color”. A color input area will pop up.
    • To select a basic default color, simply click one of the colors along the bottom. To customize, drag the color and opacity sliders to your liking. A preview of your exact color will appear in a little square to the right of the two sliders.
    • To use your own specific color, you can type in or paste a Hexcode above where it says “Hex”, or you can use numerical values for the RGBA input boxes.
  • Once finished, simply click anywhere else on the page to view your color next to the + icon.
Default Font
  • The default font of your app determines the font that is initially set when you add in a new header, text, button, or list element.
    • Note - you can still individually change the font of each element in the element's settings.
  • To edit your app’s default font, click the drop-down window beneath where it says “Default Font”. Afterwards, scroll and select your ideal default font type.

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