How to use the Global Sections & Saved Sections Feature

Global Sections & Saved Sections

By utilizing the global/save features, you can take a section you've previously made, and copy it onto one, multiple, or all screens. 

1. Hover your cursor over a section. You will see a 'save' icon. By clicking this, a pop up will show, asking you to name your section layout. 

2. After you've named your section, you can choose if you want the section to be a 'saved section' or a 'global section'. 

  • Saved sections can be inserted on any individual screen and wont affect other screens. You can have as many of these as you want on a screen. 
  • Global sections will be added to all screens in your app. These are limited to one per screen. 
  • To make your section saved, simply just click the blue save button after named it. 
  • To make your section global, check the "Set as Global Item" box when naming it.
  • Be sure to click the blue 'save' button on the top right before going to another screen or leaving the page.

3. You will now notice a save icon on your lefthand side bar. When you want to add a saved or global section, click on the 'save' icon, find the section you want to insert, and drag it onto your screen. 

  • If you would like to edit the global section, click the magnifying glass icon on the section you'd like to change. 
  • If you want to delete a saved section, it will disappear from the saved sections area, but will remain on the screens you copied it to.

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