How to Send Push Notifications Using the 'Broadcasts Manager'


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To access the broadcasts section, click the 'Broadcasts' title on the top of the dashboard. This is where you can send push notifications. 

Once you enter this section you will see a button in the top right corner that says 'Schedule New Notification'. Click this to create a new push notification. 

Schedule New Notification
  • Once you enter this section, you will be able to customize your notification. You can edit the following sections:

  • Notification Headline - This will be the bolded and most prominent part of your notification. It should shortly represent the most important part of your message. 
  • Notification Body - Here, you can go into more detail about what you want your readers to know about the notification. 
  • Direct to This Screen - This is where you can choose to direct your viewers once they click on your notification. All your screens will be available to choose from. If you don't have a specific screen that you want to direct people to, you can click the 'Last Visited Screen' or 'Home Screen' option. This will take them either to the last visited screen or the Home screen depending on what you chose under the 'General' tab (as seen below). 

Clicking 'Next'

  • Once you are finished with your text, click the blue Next button.
  • A pop up will come up prompting you to choose from 3 options
    • Save as Draft - This will allow you to keep a draft that wont be sent out yet and you can go back to edit it as you please. 
    • Send Now - Once you click this option, your notification will be sent out right away. 
    • Send Later - With this option, you can choose the day and time that you want your notification to be sent. (IE. Minutes to days later after you send). You can choose to send your notification at the time selected for your own time zone for everyone, or you can chose to click the 'Use contact's local time' option. Choosing this option will allow everyone to  see the notification at the time selected in every time zone. If you choose this setting, you will have to set the send time 24 hours after in advance. 

Broadcast Manager

Once you have sent your notification, scheduled it, or saved it as a draft, it will appear on the main Broadcasts screen.

  • If you saved your notification as a draft, you will have the ability to edit, copy or delete it. 
  • If you chose 'Send Now', it will appear as well, but you will not be able to edit it. You can still copy or delete it. 
  • If you chose 'Send Later', it will say 'Scheduled' in orange and you can edit it up until it gets sent. You can delete or copy it at anytime. 

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